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Constitution Awareness Mega Convention

Date: 25th February 2024
Venue: Palace Grounds (Krishna Vihar)

Join us at the Palace Grounds (Krishna Vihar) on the evening of 25th February 2024 for the grand valediction of the “Constitution and National Unity” program. This Mega Convention will witness a gathering of around a lakh from all walks of life.

Key Features:

As we bid farewell to an enriching event, the valediction program serves as a reflective and inclusive platform, reinforcing the importance of continued civic dialogue and the enduring relevance of constitutional values in our society.

Event Details
Intellectual Farewell

Valediction program with intellectuals and public representatives.

Cultural Celebration

Immersive festivities showcasing the diverse cultural heritage of our society.

Inclusive Culmination

A culmination of the entire event with wide participation.

Citizen Discourse

An opportunity for citizens to actively engage in constitutional discussions.

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