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About the Programme

The Constitution Awareness Campaign is set to be launched on 26th January 2024 simultaneously in all 31 districts of Karnataka. As a part of the campaign, Awareness processions shall be carried out which shall have tableaus, skits, short films, speeches and cultural performances relating to crucial themes – The Constituent Assembly Debates, The Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Citizenship, Social Economic and Political Justice, the teachings of Basavanna and their relevance to the Constitution. The tableaus and the creative performances shall also aim at engaging in cultural dialogues which portrays the rich heritage of Karnataka.

The campaign is planned to pass through both urban and non-urban areas and shall involve various stakeholders.  It shall also pay special attention to Gram Panchayats in respect of the three tier governance structure and in honor of Article 41 of the Constitution of India.

Article 41 puts forth that “The State shall, within the limits of its economic capacity and development, make effective provision for securing the right to work, to education and public assistance in cases of unemployment, old age, sickness and disablement and in other cases of undeserved want.” The campaign therefore also looks forward to enhance inclusivity in social welfare schemes.

Alongside spreading awareness on the Constitution and India’s unity and diversity, the campaign is also a platform for the policy-makers, government officials and the civic society to come together to celebrate the progress we have made until now and also work ahead towards a shared common goal.

Key Focus Areas

Embarking on a transformative journey, the Constitution Awareness Campaign in Karnataka blends cultural richness, constitutional enlightenment, and inclusivity, uniting stakeholders to celebrate progress and shape a harmonious future.

Inclusive Social Welfare

The Campaign aligns with Article 41, striving to enhance inclusivity in social welfare schemes within the economic capacity and development limits of the state.

Collaborative Celebration

The Campaign provides a platform for policymakers, government officials, and civic society to celebrate achievements and collectively work towards shared common goals.